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She could see from the look on Leah's face that she was about to explode with questions; she held up her hand and said, "Please let me finish and then I'll answer all your questions the best I can." After another sip of coffee Linda said, "My mother was a hippie, a real true free love hippie.

She loved communal life, she had a great many lovers and when I was a little child I thought she loved me.

Leah fixed her eyes firmly on the ceiling fan, and then Linda said quietly, "Maybe I should tell you a story about me." David looked perplexed and remained quiet as Leah spoke up again, "What kind of story Mom?

" "You both know that I don't like to talk about my family, right?

" "Aaaah but Mom, I'm hungry and it smells so good." "Then you need to get a move on it," she said smiling.

He spun around and ran down the hallway toward his room ... The water stopped and the curtain slid back a few inches as David poked his head out seeing his clothing folded on the sink top and his mother sitting on the toilet. " She looked up and said, "I had an interesting call from Monica's mother this afternoon.

"Do I understand that only you are supposed to be naked? "Yes Ma'am; but the professors said it would be good for the paper if the family joined me ...

BUT, it is completely voluntary; that's what they said ..." his voice trailed off as he finished.

As he stepped into her arms she place a hand on the center of his chest saying, "Hold it, stop right there - you stink, go get a shower!

Pulling into the long drive back to the house he was pleased to see the house lights welcoming him home.

It was a fine house, he thought, occupied with good people, even Leah and he laughed to himself.

Once served he ate like a starving cannibal, after the family finished supper Linda leaned back and said, "So Tencia Ortega called me today. With a big fun grin on her face Linda said, "David, tell us all about it." David blushed a soft pink and squirmed even more then, "OK, so here's the deal.

Everybody in my Human Sexuality class has to complete a research assignment or drop the class.

***** 'Getting those new bull gates in place was a bitch, with just Jim and me the heavy son-of-a-bitches took nearly 3 hours to sit in place, balance and adjust the swing,' David thought to himself. plus, he had to talk with his mother about the Nude Day project.

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