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"Female parrot - Tzu-Yung discovered the beauty and feathers".There must be a story behind this image, but I am unable to find anything so far. The following is an extract from the Wikipedia page for English actress and singer Marie Studholme: "Marie Studholme (10 September 1872 (commonly misreported as 1875) – 10 March 1930), born Caroline Maria Lupton or Marion Lupton, was an English actress and singer known for her supporting and sometimes starring roles in Victorian and Edwardian musical comedy.

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Mary Steps Church, Exe Bridge, the canal and Countess Wear bridge.The set of cards is still available and can be bought either from dealers such as Murray Cards (International) Ltd in Hendon Central, London, or through local dealers at collectors’ fairs.A set in very good condition should be obtainable for £40, or probably less if you shop around.You can also buy individual cards rather than a complete set if you want only psittacines, and these should not cost you proportionately more.

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Many people frame their cards, and kits for this purpose are on the market. These were immersed in water and the picture transferred onto paper, or children placed them on their arms like a tattoo.

This, the 10th book in the ‘Postcards from Exeter’ series, contains drawings, cartoons and paintings about the lighter side of a bygone age in the city.