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It occurred to me only recently — while trying to explain to a girl I no longer wanted to see, “It’s not you; it’s me” — that the near-entirety of my repertoire as dater, pick-up artist and generally-frustrated bachelor is really just an amalgam of cues I picked up from .

The line mentioned above is, of course, a favorite break-up device of one George Costanza, who is perhaps the most conniving but ultimately hapless lothario to ever walk the streets of (fictional) Manhattan.

Essentially, being a serial dater could come back to haunt you later on.

More Restaurants, Less You Time Aside from the fact that you have to do laundry way more frequently (hey, you only have so many perfect date-night outfits), there are two other big reasons that going out with too many different guys too often can backfire. "When you're spending so much time meeting men, you're not leaving yourself enough time to just do you," explains Terri Orbuch, Ph D, relationship coach and author of Finding Love Again.

One can only imagine the vitriol with which he would have regarded online dating.

In Reality: If you’re single and ready to mingle, what could be more harmless than the offer of a date who already has a glowing stamp of approval from two friends whose opinions you (presumably) trust?

He or she may require multiple dinner/movie/party rejections before the message is properly transmitted. We routinely seek out one another’s opinions for dating advice.

Plus: 5 TV Shows That Will Reveal (Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Your S. One time we tried to do a no-strings-attached sex situation, but it got weird.

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They were merely using the coffee thing as a euphemism for requesting some extracurricular activity. Then again, the characters on : Jerry, George and Elaine seem to start probing for a reason to break up with their SOs practically before they start dating them.

No problem; we went right back to being besties the next day.” In Reality: We’ve all tried to do the friends thing with an ex, usually after a healthy interim period in which wounds heal and attractions fade, and in some cases, it’s possible to salvage some semblance of a relationship. Plus: What I Learned Dating My First Boyfriend Again (Hint: I Learned That I’m Gay) : While it’s almost believable that Jerry — a comedian of pseudo-celebrity status — could get away with consistently dating women that look like models and actresses, surely the same can’t be said of bald, stout and pathologically deceitful George, much less the gangly and unemployed “hipster doofus” Kramer.

But best friends who spend time together on an almost daily basis? Yet all three seem to attract beautiful, successful women with relative ease.

Plus: 9 Annoying Things You Should Never Say to a Single Person : The show’s producers have been quoted as saying that the fatal flaw of its central characters (as well as the driving force behind its longevity), was a strict “no hugging, no learning” policy when it came to their encounters with others, most notably in their experiences with dating.

In other words, their inability to learn from failed relationships impedes them from ever achieving anything more substantive, so they instead wallow in a state of self-induced, hardheaded dissatisfaction for perpetuity.In Reality: Until you have “that conversation” and “rules” are established, you should operate under the assumption that the person you are with might be seeing other people as well.