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31-Jan-2018 19:08

what i love here is that they did not overdone the romance. I hope this drama gets the recognition they deserved. She is really natural and amazing unlike other actresses who resort to look better than act better. Her witty character definitely made this drama alot better. And can I just say how much I appreciate it having no unnecessary flashback scenes? I love how witty and unique the main character, Ma Yi Deum, is. But if you're after just romance or love stories, this isn't for you ;) finish already.. i hope there was more romantic scene between Ma Ideum n Ji Wook but thats just happen a few minutes, okay i accepted it with shy smile when Ma Ideum got kiss ^_^ finish already.. i smile at the end, at least there was sweet scene between Ma Ideum n Jin Wook ^_^.. every week i will turn on kbs world channel for witch at court, mad dog n my golden life.. I've loved the female lead since episode 1 and I got hurt when people seemed to hate her. Love the way how Ma di yeum character is developing From a helpless child who lost her mother to kickass prosecutor. The characters I love them so much and the development of the story is just perfect. I love how the plot is developing and absolutely cannot wait for tomorrow. This drama is just awesome, they gave a new taste of prosecutor's dilemma, I love how the sequence played without a hole, each character has their own strong impact to me, the chemistry is superb. I've been waiting another "defendant" of Kdrama, and I'm glad I gave it a try and wow, first episode I was hooked.

it was toned down that it made me anticipate every scene between the lead. She's strong and stubborn, but also shows vulnerability. not a lot of cliche, all scenes are important and relevant, no fillers if I remember correctly. 3 drama straight from kbs at one time that was awesome I already watched episode 15...aigoo writernim.last minute how come you made cho gap soo arrived at the clinic dr Ko before ma yi deum? After the story progressed, I'm glad that everyone has seen her charm. i love the way she intimidate cho gap soo in ep 8, really brave and touching. The age gap never really matters on this drama because of how well the both leads portray their skills. the cases are well delivered though their are flaws sometimes. The characters, plot, setting and music all meld together to create a riveting adventure. That scene where she grows up while walking through the tunnel her her mother’s posters were hung was really heart touching. I'm also looking forward at the two leads chemistry~ Ryeowon eonnie and Hyunmin oppa are cuties. I thought this is going to be boring but no, this drama has a lot to offer to the viewers. I totally like jung ryeo won playing the lady prosecutor...something totally different & she nails it to the dot.

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