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This area, along with Hierakonpolis, located across the river and known as its twin city, were very important centers in ancient Egypt, says Darnell, and demonstrate that the communicative system in these areas is not limited to the more commonly found small tokens or labels.

Darnell explains that these discoveries reveal that there was not a slow development of writing primarily for bureaucratic use as previously believed, but that hieroglyphic writing was more geographically widespread and topically diverse at the time of or shortly after its development.

The lion stands with its right paw on a globe and looks to the south from where the French came.

From the platform beneath the monument, up more than 226 steps, is a panoramic view of the battlefield.

Previously found signs were only one or two centimeters in size," says Darnell.

The team of archaeologists located these rock inscriptions by mapping out routes based on road networks in Egypt.

Some of the most famous tourist attractions within easy reach are the historic battlefields of Waterloo and the towns and villages of the Flanders region, where you'll also find the moving battlefields of Ypres.