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In many places, women are expected to dress modestly and cover up exposed skin – leave the short shorts at home and consider packing a sarong or light scarf to cover exposed shoulders, along with a long skirt or trousers.Whether you agree with it or not, it’s respectful (and smart) to follow the local style.Blogger, Emily en route & founder of social enterprise Estrella de Mar "Our group was a great mix of people from all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds.It was easy to bond over our shared love of travel and excitement to explore Vietnam.At least half of our group consisted of other solo travelers.The atmosphere was very inclusive, there were no lines drawn in the sand according to traveling solo versus in a couple or with a friend." Blogger, Fearful Adventurer "At the summit of Mount Kinabalu, my fear of heights was put to the test when I caught sight of a steep drop off.Just mention this to our customer service team when booking your trip and they'll arrange it for you.

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The amount of free time depends on the travel style - you can ask your guide for a few tips then head out alone, or hang out with the group and see where the day takes you. If you’re happy to bunk with a traveller of the same gender, there’s nothing extra to pay on the vast majority of our trips.

We have a range of trip styles – Basix, Original and Comfort – that offer different levels of flexibility and free time.

While there’s always a set itinerary for the group, our Basix trips tend to have less included activities and more time to do your own thing, Original trips have a 50/50 balance, and our Comfort trips have more included activities.

The locals will open up more if you know a few basics (plus they’ll be pretty chuffed if you order your coffee in Vietnamese or baguette in French).

Always consider the country’s dress code and dress like a local as much as you can (head out to the local markets for a few new outfits if you didn’t pack anything appropriate).If you want your own room, just mention it to our customer service team when booking and they can organise a single supplement for a small charge.

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