Fuck now no email required

21-Sep-2017 04:22

Often it’s how we to feel about something more than the actual thing, that dictates our happiness. The answers were yes so the texting stopped being the measure of the relationship. But when we get what we want, or thought we thought we wanted, it can bring its own set of problems.

The way we define happiness is personal to each of us. Now we are making ,000, but if only we made 0,000, we’d be set, life would be perfect.

Liz said, “you better write that one down.” So I just did. Some made me feel happy that someone thousands of miles away got to take a weight off of their chest. I sent another set of fucks to a friend who I’m doing a daily journaling practice with. ” “Fuck you for being able to handle anything that I throw at you.” Then as the day came to a close, I felt a space in my body that wasn’t there before.

### After posting the status above on my wall in the morning, people started jumped in left and right with their own fucks. I jumped back in later in the afternoon because I realized that I wasn’t fresh out of fucks yet. I gave Liz some more fucks throughout the day and in between coaching calls.

The happiness is not in the struggle; it’s in overcoming challenges. You can also find happiness is challenged you set for yourself. But it’s easier to use this method when you are young and don’t have a lot of obligations.

You didn’t grow up poor, but maybe you didn’t go to a great school, so college was a challenge. Maybe you want to pay off your student loan debt in record time or live very frugally so you can retire early and travel. At 24 if you decide, “Fuck yes, I’m quitting this job to start my own business! ” I None of us can obtain honey badger levels of giving fucks and give zero fucks. We have to care about some things but we need to be more conscious of who we value and what we care about. But it’s not always what we should give a fuck about. We all get to choose what we give a fuck about, and we choose every day whether we realize it our not. For most of us, things could be better, and they could be worse.