Is justin bieber dating demi lovato 2016

14-Sep-2017 04:02

For the entirety of her second Olympics, Gabby Douglas has been accused of being unpatriotic and a bad teammate on social media and further bullied online over her hair, just as she was during her gold-medal run at London 2012.And while the persistent attacks — even now that her Olympics are over — haven’t succeeded in driving her off social media yet, Douglas revealed in an emotional press conference in Rio that the trolling did personally affect her.But this isn't the first time that Lovato has made public comments about Swift.In fact, the two pop singers have an entire history together.Still, Bieber’s Insta has become only the latest casualty in the summer of celebrity cyberbullying.

Bang Bang inked two large roses on to the star's wrist as well as a giant dream catcher which covered the side of her body.And Cara is not the only one with the king of the jungle on her body, Justin Bieber recently enlisted Bang Bang to add the image on his chest.Justin debuted his ink last month alongside a giant bear on his other pectoral muscle.Let's take a look at their on-again/off-again relationship:.

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But over the course of 2009, Swift also got closer to Gomez, solidifying their long-lasting relationship.

Of course, she returned the next day “more honest than ever.” On the virtual opposite end of cyberbullying, Azealia Banks got suspended from Twitter in May for using hate language targeted at Zayn Malik, among others.