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Despite receiving 4,000 pieces of fan mail a week from around the world, he took every opportunity to return a letter to fans or sign a photo wherever possible.

He even had his own advice column in teen magazines and enjoyed a tremendously positive reputation. Jonathan's run as the boy genius with the pet dolphin aboard Sea Quest ended, and Jonathan found himself struggling for parts.

Once upon a time in Connecticut, there lived a charming little boy wonder named Jonathan Brandis.

Jon expressed an interest in the arts from a very early age, and had a strong desire to be an actor.

Apparently, Jonathan's suicide came with a few friends in another room.

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He continued acting via made-for-TV movies and independent films and bit parts in larger films including Hart's War (starring Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis, which Jonathan had high hopes for resuscitating his career).He advised that they call the suicide prevention hotline, something he sadly didn't choose in the end.By all accounts, Jonathan was a good kid from a loving home, not the typical child star with the forceful stage parents and didn't have a long history of addiction, and took his life free of any drug or alcohol impairment.Clearly, here-on-day-gone-tomorrow in Tinseltown is nothing new. Upon researching, I found a few old advice columns Jonathan Brandis wrote in teen magazines.

A few people wrote in about contemplating suicide, and he claimed such topics were among the hardest he could ever read.Apparently, he wasn't important enough to make it on mainstream entertainment news programs, even though he once ruled the world for an era of teen girls everywhere. How can anyone be on top of the world one day and forgotten the next and maintain the sanity to live a quality life afterwards?