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During this time Brian usually shies away from combat situations.He typically hunkers down with Penny while Philip and Nick shoot and slay zombies.His insecurity took it's toll on him as days grew darker and humanity crumbled, and he ultimately succumbed to carnal instincts.To assure he would never be weak, he assumed his brother's identity as Phillip Blake.When the dead began to rise, Brian hides out in the crawlspace of his parents' empty town house.Philip Blake, his two friends Nick Parsons and Bobby Marsh, and his daughter Penny Blake, leave Waynesboro and take a detour to check on Philip's parents.Philip had forgotten that Brian was living there and isn't exactly happy about having to look after his older brother.The group finds shelter at Wiltshire Estates: an upper class gated golfing community.

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Although Brian is three years older than Philip, he has always relied on Philip for protection.

The novel describes Brian as sickly, frail, and "the runt" of the two brothers.