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I didn't know if I'd ever see that money, but they did send it back.Of course they did not pay the transfer fees, so I lost 5 in the process. From the beginning, Wouxun has offered no warranty support for defective radios.I will warranty these items out of my own pocket as I always have.But no radio support or warranty after January 1st.I've been told by experts that there is a chip in the radio that gets new data written to it each time the radio is turned off.They say a decent chip will make this cycle a million times before failure.I just received this email from Ed Griffin at Import Communications concerning Wouxun Radios and his dealings with them over the years. This makes me wonder why anyone would spend any more than for one of the cheap handheld radios.I consider them throw-aways because if they break, they cannot be practically fixed, and you just throw them away. Buy quality American, Japanese and European built equipment.

When Wouxun made the repairs, I got a used radio in return.

ALL Wouxun dual band radios have an internal defect that the factory refuses to address.