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He specialized in comparative politics and political development, religion and politics, and the military and politics of South Asia. Smith received two Fulbright fellowships for research in India and a 1968 grant from the Social Science Research Council for research in Latin America.He also received grant money from the Carnegie Corp.Our mission is to empower urban students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to achieve their full intellectual and social potential by combining the best of the East--high standards, discipline and character education--with the best of the West--a commitment to individualism, creativity and diversity.

We believe that data is a critical part of driving social change and hope you will return to our site often to inform your philanthropy.The nephews and several of her nieces, most of whom were married in India, settled in the Philadelphia area. “In keeping with the custom of South India, he referred to his more than a dozen great-nieces and great-nephews as his grandchildren,” she said. 02139, or the microcredit organization FINCA International, 1201 15th St.