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20-Jul-2017 12:18

Photo credit: jurvetson, Flickr There is something mysterious about a woman that attracts us to them in the first place.

History tells us that most men will treat a woman differently after sleeping with her.

And remember, in this situation it’s not just men who give you that look.

And while that fact is kinda sexy, I imagine that you would probably just drink heavily and try not to ask too many questions.

Not all of them, but enough to catch you attention and maybe make you a little paranoid.

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I said before that I personally don’t think of adult film stars as bad or sinful people.However, porn stars seem to unlock what we’ll call the “I’ve seen you naked” Paradox.Consider how many men watch porn (according to studies, it’s somewhere around 100%) and factor in the fact that the people who have seen you girlfriend naked will literally be everywhere you go.Yet, from a male perspective, I feel like doing so would be a burden on your sanity.

There are a lot of things to consider before entering into a relationship with an adult film actress.And by that, I mean, most people (guessing mostly female in nature) will judge your girlfriend adversely once they find out what she does for a living. Nobody dresses like that at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Sure, sex is great and we live in liberated times, but if your lady’s number of sexual partners possibly numbers into the hundreds…well, sex is supposed to be a shared bond between two people (maybe three if you get her drunk enough).