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The following information - excerpted from Nutri Base Software - is a discussion about "desirable" body weights and "desirable" percentage body fat contents for men.In 1942, Louis Dublin, a statistician at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, grouped some four million people who were insured with Metropolitan Life into categories based on their height, body frame (small, medium or large) and weight.The Family Planning NSW website has information on a range of issues in our Factsheets pages. Body Talk Birth Chart Developed by Family Planning NSW.Family Planning NSW recognises the important role that teachers play in helping their students learn about reproductive and sexual health and has developed a range of programs and resources that support teachers . A large spiral bound book of nine beautifully coloured charts about childbirth – labour and delivery for use by educators working with groups.This Web site provides a body fat chart for both men and women.

For these reasons, you and your physician or dietitian must decide what your ideal weight should be. The best way to determine your "ideal body weight" is probably to have a body composition analysis performed.It has gentle drawings of the body in full-colour, clearly labeled, with images appropriate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.Cost is Family Planning NSW Contraceptive Guide Developed by Family Planning NSW This is an excellent resource for both teachers and clinicians to help facilitate the teaching of sexual health education.The format is an A4, free-standing, chart that is coil-bound and contains 28 full colour pages of each contraceptive method currently available in Australia.

Included are photographs of each method and information on each methods use, efficacy, benefits & downsides, side effects and sources.In 1942, the tables gave "ideal body weights." In 1959, they were revised and became "desirable body weights." And in 1983, they were revised once again, this time called "height and weight tables." The weights given in the 1983 tables are heavier than the 1942 tables because, in general, heavier people live longer today.